Why Not To Use Chemical Drain Cleaners

The fact is, most chemical drain cleaners generate heat through the use of caustic chemicals such as Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic How Does A Dual Flush Toilet Work Lye) or reclaimed sulfuric acid (Battery Acid) Do You really want this stuff in your home? There are some safer methods.
Two simple plumbing tips:
Use a Plunger:
The plunger, referred to as the “plumber’s friend”, will often clear up the clogged or slow drain. Practical Electrician Courses If you do not already own a plunger you can purchase one at your local home improvement store.
You will need to get the most suction as possible. If you are working on a clogged double sink plug the other sink with a stopper or wet rag. (* plumbing tip put a thin coating of petroleum jelly on the base of the plunger to get a tighter fit and better suction) Place the plunger over the drain and push down – pull back just a bit without breaking the seal. Do this 10-15 times then pull up quickly. If the water rushes down the drain you’re done. If not try the process again.
You can repeat this process several times however, if the clog remains after the first few times it may be time to try something else. If you can locate your trap under the sink, simply remove the clean-out plug and pull the materials causing the problem from the trap. This will require some tools and some minor working knowledge of plumbing. If you do not have access or do not want to try this on your own call a plumbing professional to assist you or simply try the natural enzymes below.
Using Natural Enzymes:
Another cause of a clogged drain could be a result of a build up of biofilm (and occasionally a small toy). Basically, biofilm is a glue like substance that holds clogs together. There are many products on the market today but how do you know if you are using the best of the best. If you are unsure or you simply want someone else to handle the issue for you – call your plumber. However, if you wish to tackle this very annoying plumbing issue look for a product that contains natural enzymes. Natural enzymes turn most drain build ups into harmless liquids and send them safely down the drain. In fact using a natural enzyme product on a monthly basis will keep your home’s plumbing systems clean, safe and running freely for the lifetime of your home.

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