What To Do During Plumbing Emergencies

Oh oh. There’s water all over your new bathroom rug. The toilet is leaking too.
There’s water coming through the downstairs ceiling after you take a shower.
What do you do?
These are real plumbing emergencies. No time to figure out how to do it yourself or wait for your brother-in-law to get home from work. But professional plumbers are so expensive.
But so is a new rug… or floor… or ceiling. Time to act fast.
What To Do In A Plumbing Emergency
You always want to know where your main shutoff valve is for your home. If things are looking really bad that’s the first thing you want to know.
If it’s just your toilet overflowing you can shut off the supply line to that particular plumbing fixture. It’s usually right under the toilet itself. A sink is pretty much the same way.
But what about a shower where you don’t know where the shutoff valve is located? Good question right.
Learn Where Your Shutoff Valves Are Located
Hindsight is always 20/20. You know you should have learned where those valves are located before the emergency happened. Better stop reading and go look for them right now.
What are you waiting Urbanclap Plumber Chennai for go ahead?
If you want to learn how to be prepared for these types of emergencies you might want to do some homework. What is they say? An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Time to hit the books…
A couple of great books to have around are:
• “Home Improvement 123” by Home Depot
• “The Complete Guide To Plumbing” by Black & Decker
Both of these books can be found at your local Barnes and Noble or Borders book stores.
No you don’t have to read these books cover to cover. And there is no test. But they are a great reference for when you have an emergency.
But I recommend you read them long before that. When the floor is flooded is a little too late.
And if you decide you need some help from a professional here’s how to go about finding one… fast.
1. Go to Google and type in “plumber clearwater”. Of course Plumbing School In Arkansas instead of Clearwater use your local town or city.
2. Look to see who offers emergency service. They should have it right on their website. They should also have a number you can call and talk to someone quickly.
3. There’s probably no time to check references so judge by how quickly they answer the phone (and also how professionally).
4. Make sure they are licensed. Ask them… “What is your license number. Actually you might see it right on their website. If you don’t it may not be a good sign.
If you don’t get good answer to these questions or you feel uncomfortable be careful.

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