Use Caution When Choosing a Local Plumber

Verbal promises, ready handshakes, winning smiles and prompt in-home reviews and quotes are a great way to make a first impression, but they may not provide the whole story when it comes to choosing a local plumber.
It can be easy to find a sense of trust in an individual who offers multiple assurances with a happy smile. They can work to calm your fears about an unexpected plumbing issue and you may feel a sense of kinship with them. However the real test is in whether they follow through with their promises and if they honor their quote.
Ask any ten people about a plumber they’ve used and you’ll likely find at least one that was not satisfied When To Call A Plumber For A Clogged Drain with the ultimate result of their plumbing service. They may even be highly critical of the firm.
Can you trust a plumber?
Sure, but use common sense. If they provide a quote then you should insist they offer that quote in writing. Then find out how long they will honor the quote. Once you have this information handy it is appropriate to ask for some references of other local area residents who have used the firm’s services. Call some or all of these references and find out how actual customers have been treated (ask for recent customers). In some cases you may find a resistance by the plumber to supply references. This may be a good sign that you should stay away.
Besides the use of plumber-supplied references you should also use your favorite search engine to check and see if any complaints have been filed against the plumbing company through the Better Business Bureau. You may also find that some complaints may be lodged at various sites on the web that provide customers the opportunity to sound off about their plumbing experiences.
What to do with your quote.
You should have an itemized list of what the plumber plans on using to complete your plumbing repair, the estimated time they think it will take to finish, and products they believe may need to be purchased to facilitate a repair. This is where you can take that information and use the itemized list to ask for cost estimates from other qualified plumbers. You don’t need to tell the plumbers you visit with that you already have a quote, just ask for a bid estimate based on the exact same specifications. This information will tell you if the original firm is overpricing the work or if they are in the ballpark.
Some customers have discovered that the estimate they received from the initial visit can be hundreds of dollars more than other firms Yard Drain Box who followed the exact same specs. This also may tell you more than the plumber may want you to know about their practices.
However, if you find the quote is reasonable and was guaranteed then barring any unpleasant personal or online finds about the plumbing firm you should be able to hire this contractor with confidence in their practices, policies and performance. If not, you will already have information from other local plumbers you can consider.

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