Unclog Your Shower Drain Easily

On occasion, you will find that your shower drains slowly. If left unattended, soon your shower will drain more and more slowly until it does not drain at all. How To Clean Galvanized Water Lines When you first notice the problem, your shower drain is likely clogged and these simple steps can help avoid the need to call a plumber down the line.
Get a plunger (more typically used with toilets) and fill your shower basin with a few inches of water. Plunge the drain itself applying strong pressure to the plunger. Try several passes with the plunger until the drain flows freely. This is How To Fix A Leaking Pipe Under The Sink the easiest tool and technique and is worth some extra muscle and time to try to get it to work. If the clog is not particularly bad, this technique will be extremely effective, a key reason to attend to the problem as soon as you notice it.
If the plunging does not work, your next best bet is a plumbing auger or snake. The auger is a wire cable with a loose network of wires on one end that embeds itself in the clog itself. On the other end of the auger (the part you are holding), the cranking action will work those wires in a circular motion. The will grab onto the clog and possibly break it up. If it is hair, small items, or soap deposits, it will break them up and free up the drain. It will also clear the edges of the drain pipe of the mineral build-up or other build-up from oils and cleansers. A larger plumber’s auger can even break through small tree roots that might be causing drainage problems.
As a last ditch effort before introducing chemicals or a professional plumber to your drainage problem, bring in a garden hose through a door or window. Push the hose as far down the drain as possible. Use rags and towels at the top to keep the water from backing out into the shower area. Get someone to stand at the faucet and turn the water on for a short burst. If the clog remains, turn the faucet on another time or two in short, forceful bursts. Most clogs will be clear at this point.
Alternatively, there are drain cleaner chemicals available at home stores that would be your last chance before bringing in a professional. Follow the instructions carefully on the product. If this does not work, your friendly local plumber is ready for a phone call.

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