Toilet Rough-In Plumbing – How to Do It

Before preparing to construct or redo a bathroom’s toilet, you must first ensure that certain standards and procedures are met when conducting rough-in plumbing. This procedure can prove to be difficult and for some people it can turn into a disaster. But if you follow the steps below you’ll be good to go.
1. Mark off twelve full inches from the finished wall to the middle of the toilet flange.
2. Screw in the flange tightly to the floor with three inch stainless steel screws. Be sure not to strip the screws when tightening.
3. Secure the ABS elbow to the floor flange ensuring the elbow is three inches in diameter with a ninety degree angle.
4. Install a vent with a minimum of three inches in diameter a minimum of five inches away from the flange.
5. If putting the toilet in a concrete floor or cellar where the stink Plumbing System In India stack leads to a crawl space, you may want to include a cleanout.
6. Ensure that the cold water supply is installed nine and a quarter inches away from the floor. The supply for the cold water should be left of the toilet six inches and it should also have a three fourths inch (outside diameter) compression fitting.
7. Use a compression ferrule to fit the closet supply tube to the compression fitting. Then put a tapered fitting (AKA closet) to tank supply tube’s other end. So as you may see after reading this very short and simple article, toilet rough-in plumbing for your renovated Best Water Supply Pipes In India or new bathroom can easily become a simple project. Just be sure to take every safety precaution possible when doing any type of plumbing work and pay attention to detail. If you do that there is no doubt in my mind that you will pull this off without a hitch.

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