Tips for Installing a Plumbing Valve

Plumbing valves refer to the valves which are installed vertically in the water pipelines. They are generally used to allow or stop the passing flow. Commonly speaking, some have a lever, and some are with a circular handle. For the former type, the lever is pulled to allow and stop the flow within 90 degrees. And for the latter type, the circular handle is twisted to take effects. There is no doubt that these plumbing valves are doing great favors at the control of the flow on a lot of systems in various fields. If the valve is under unpleasant working condition, it is to do something. In fact, the process to fix a plumbing valve in a water pipeline is rather moderately easy and takes very little time.
The tools we needed are rather simple. They are the adjustable wrench, screwdriver and packing washer. It should Can I Do Plumbing Work Without A License be mentioned first that our task is to fix the required valve by either the packing nut or the packing washer.
Firstly, the small packing nut should be tightened carefully with the help of the adjustable wrench. If one small packing nut is not able enough to avoid the leakage, one more nut is adopted to tighten. Unfortunately, if the leakage still exists, it is necessary to take a look at the packing washer, which is placed underneath the packing nut. If it fails to work, it is necessary to replace it immediately. At this time, the screwdriver is taken to take effects. The screw connecting the lever with the valve stem is Plumbing Problems Water Backing Up removed firstly. But it should take great attentions. The water in the pipe should be turned off before the every beginning of this step. Loosen and remove the valve handle. Then, remove the packing nut and the packing washer in sequence. After the replacement of the packing washer, put all the components back in sequence. But it is wise to not over-tighten the nut at this time. At last, turn the water back on to check for the leakage. If it is with some water leak, tighten the nut until the water stop escaping.

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