The Three Things A Plumbing Contractor Can Give You – Quality Should Be Your Choice

Many years ago an old retired plumbing contractor advised me that as a plumbing contractor there are only three things you can give your customers. Furthermore, Britishgas Co Uk Bookengineer he said, among those three things, you can only give them two. The three things he referred to were price, quality of work and service.
“If you give clients price and quality,” he continued, “you’ll be so busy that you won’t always be able to provide immediate response to emergency situations. If you try to give service and quality, you’ll have to charge enough to cover the expense of having qualified technicians on stand-by to meet whatever demand occurs.”
Price and service, for obvious reasons, are the least appealing of the possible combinations and one not generally chosen by most plumbing contractors, but ironically looked for by most customers. They reason that if you get someone out right away and they charge a lower price, all things being equal, they’ve received a bargain. Almost always, that proves to be a fallacy.
All things, in this case are not equal. Staffing a plumbing company with low paid, inadequately trained and qualified workmen who cut corners and rush to the next job, generally creates more problems than it solves. These companies are always on the phone with unsatisfied customers demanding they return to complete Free Plumbing Services their work and/or repair their leaks. Service and quality-of-work companies most generally charge exorbitant prices (to cover their overhead costs), which loses them customers and causes them to rely on heavy advertising; they also must pay their workmen on commission, which raises their prices even higher.
I believe you obtain the best work from contractors focusing on quality first and price second. Remember, though, that since they focus on quality work you might need to turn to another contractor in an emergency: they will not rush workmen just to get to your job. Businesses built on this formula have a high repeat business and referral levels and seldom have negative issues with customers. I see it as a positive trade-off; these businesses would rather have satisfied customers who sometimes have to wait for a company’s service, than a roster of customers who will never call again and complain to their neighbors and friends about them.
What is ironic and commonplace these days are companies that only offer one of the potential aspects. Most often it is service which is offered. They outfit their trucks and personnel to provide an impressive outer display of success and efficiency and then use glorified handy men that are expert salesmen but have little concept of plumbing design and function. They sometimes advertise that they guarantee to be at your door within a certain time frame, but when they get there you are confronted with a high-pressure salesman, working on commission, who exaggerates (and sometimes invents) problems for which he has expensive solutions. These are the companies that have sullied the reputation of our trade and caused companies which offer quality work to thrive. Following after one of these companies, a business built on quality will usually have a customer for life that trusts that company and refers everyone he knows to call them and if necessary wait until service can be provided.
“Do they do quality work?” should be the question that rolls off your lips if you want to be satisfied with a plumbing contractor.

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