The Surprising Benefits of Garbage Disposals

There was a time when a garbage disposal was a luxury. More and more, it has become a kitchen appliance that people find they simply can not live without. Fix Water Runoff Problems They bring a new level of ease and convenience to cleaning up after a meal. They can save your plumbing, and they can also help the environment.
The garbage disposal is an electrical device that is located between the drain of a kitchen sink and the trap. Spinning blades are located inside the unit to shred any food particles to a small enough size that they will safely and completely move through your pipes along with the waste water. The first garbage disposal was invented in 1927. In 1938 it was finally available for sale.
The first challenge in selling these units was convincing cities to rescind laws that had previously made putting food into the drains illegal. It wasn’t until the 1970’s and 1980’s that garbage disposals really became popular. While some people have never had a garbage disposal, and simply don’t believe they need one, many people find that once they have one, they can never go back. They offer many benefits, with no real disadvantages.
For example, your kitchen will smell better. Previously, uneaten food had to be thrown in the trashcan, or some other receptacle. With a garbage disposal, it’s simply sent down the drain. Another benefit is that your drains will stay clear.
It is inevitable that scraps of food will find their way to the sink drain. Without a disposal, these scraps can collect in the trap or other minor bends in the drain pipe. This creates a blockage and a potentially destructive problem. When you have a disposal, those scraps are caught before they ever reach the trap and reduced to a safe size.
Finally, they are environmentally friendly. When scraps wind up in the landfill, they are left to decompose and eventually create high levels of methane gas. When Copper Pipe Extension those scraps are sent to the sewage treatment plant along with waste water, the methane they release can actually be harnessed and used to help generate power.
There are those people who find that garbage disposals are simply one more thing that requires maintenance. While they do require some simple care, their benefits far outweigh any minor inconvenience. All that you really need to do is drop some ice cubes down the running disposal occasionally to sharpen the blades. A bit of baking soda can be added to clean them thoroughly and eliminate any odors.
Some people see no point in having a disposal because they compost their food scraps. However, a disposal can still be beneficial for grinding up those scraps and pieces that accidentally find their way into the sink. Installing a garbage disposal can easily be done by calling your local plumbing company. They will be available to help answer any further questions you may have about garbage disposals.

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