The Electric Shower

Electric showers have many advantages over the mixer, thermostatic and digital. After reading this article Top Press Dual Flush Valve you will have a better understanding on why and how an electric shower can benefit you and your household.
The electric shower works very differently from the conventional mixer and requires only one feed. A 15mm copper piped mains cold water supply is recommended, compared to mixer shower that requires both a hot and cold gravity fed supply.
Electric shower rating are measure in Kilowatts, or Kw for short, so the higher the Kw the more hot water the shower can produce, providing your incoming cold water supply is adequate.
If you are unsure that you cold water supply is adequate you can test it with a flow cup prior to installation, or if you don’t have a Water Supply Pipe Diameter flow cup you can use a watering can or something similar that has measurements in litres. Flow rate is measure in Litres Per Minute.
Caution – Electrics
Please not that higher Kilowatt shower require larger sized electric, usually 10mm. If unsure it is always recommended that you seek advice from a qualified electrician.
The mains cold water is heated up inside the shower unit its self by a small tank containing an electric element, very similar to the kettle in your kitchen only much more powerful as it heats the water as it passes through.
They will never run out of hot water, unlike a mixer. So if you have a large family it’s an ideal choice.
They are very cost affective compared to showers that are fed hot water from a gas boiler.
In the unfortunate event of your boiler breaking down you and your family will still have a supply of hot water until you can repair your boiler.
The electric shower is simpler to install and because electric is the heat source is kinder to the environment.

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