Selecting A Strata Plumber

When selecting a strata plumber you need someone that you can trust with a dependable and demonstrable track record. ExtensiveA�experienceA�means that the plumber can deliver the highest quality of service to the specific needs of its strata clients.

The plumber you select should be able to provide all of the following services as a bare minimum:

Repair of leaking water pipes

Shower waste repair

Blocked toilet repair

Gutter repair and replacement

Repair of all storm water problems

Repair of drainage problems including drain cleaning

Tracing and repair of seepage and blockage problems Metal Plumbing including leak detection and gas detection

The plumber should be able to provide a quality guarantee for their workmanship. In other words they should stand behind what they do and insist onA�nothingA�less than excellence in their workmanship. You should expect the following traits to be evident in any plumber that you hire for your strata needs:

Punctual – saving you time as they arrive on time, every time

Quality – Excellence in workmanship

Available when you need them with a genuine 24 hour 7 day service

Polite and courteous tradesmen

The best job at a great price – look for value Plumbing Workshop Pdf for money, not just the cheapest price

Professional and efficient

Clean and tidy

Looking after strata clients is specialist work with unique requirements. It’s best to form a relationship with an experienced plumbing company that specialises in both small and large scale strata buildings so that you will get the benefit of their wide and varied experience. At one end of the scale strata plumbing requires being able to change a tap washer for the old lady in unit 11 and at the other end it requires being able to replace a multi-system recirculating hot water system that services a 126A�apartments. Critical of course is having a true 24 hour service to which they actually respond and attend within a short period of time.

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A one man band has the advantage of personalised attention but they may have difficulty providing the level of service you require. On the other hand a team of plumbers may lack quality control so check to make sure that the plumbing companies internal training and quality assurance practices are up to speed.

Selecting a strata plumber is not necessarily the easiest thing to do and some trial and error will be involved. However, when you find a good one keep them on their toes but stick with them. Having a plumber that you can depend on will give you peace of mind in the knowledge that any plumbing problem can be dealt with quickly, efficiently and at a value for money price.