Replacing a Toilet – Basic Tips

Did you wake up to find your toilet cracked and leaking? Or maybe you’re thinking you just want a new toilet to add to the d?�cor of your home? Well, if that’s the case, then perhaps this little lesson on toilets can help you figure out just what you’re doing without having to call in a plumber.
What you will need is, a new toilet, a wax ring for the seal, and some bolts. You may need to buy a new seat for your toilet depending on the one you purchase. With all this bought, you can clear your old toilet and toss it out. Make sure that you disconnect the water supply so you don’t have water flying all over the place. Once you have the old toilet out, make sure that the old wax ring is completely off, so that you won’t have a lopsided toilet.
Now with all that done, put the new wax ring in place, make sure that your wax wing was warm to about room temperature so that it will take with the porcelain of the new toilet. Now that you have the ring down, place your toilet on top of the ring, and put the bolts in place. Don’t tighten them yet, that will Cost Of Plumbing Apprenticeship come with time. Making sure your toilet is in its correct place, put pressure on the toilet, moving it slightly from side to side to make the ring set in place. Now you can tighten the bolts so that your toilet is held down fully. Place the tank on top of the toilet, and place your water supply back in order.
When all that is done, you will want to flush your new toilet and make sure that there are no leaks. Of course there will be a slight gap at the bottom where your ring and toilet are. To fix this and make Plumbing Problems In Old Homes it look even more decorative, you can place a bit of caulking seal upon the toilet and let it dry. This will give you more of a professional look and won’t take away from the cost of the toilet at all.

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