Removing a Deck Mounted Faucet in Your Kitchen Or Utility Room

What are the steps and procedures for removing a deck mounted faucet? How can a do it yourself safely remove a deck mounted faucet in your kitchen or utility room without causing later property or other damage from water leakage or a poor installation?
First of all, first things first, always begin by shutting off water supply. This can be done either at the shut off valves on both hot and cold water supply lines or if you find that unfortunately the install that you are unfortunately been handed to work on does not meet current building codes and was done in a shorthanded short cut fashion without full and accessible water shut off valves. If so you will have to shut off the main house water shut off valve or faucet which is usually located near by or near to the water meter.
Remember though that all faucets in the home are in the off or closed positions when you shut off the valve. Believe it not avoidable water damages and insurance claims have been made from water which filled up sinks and Plumbing Tips For Winter bathtubs and overflowed causing water damages to home and property once water service was restored. Next in line for your project is to drain the pipes you are working with by opening the faucet or faucets themselves.
Use a wrench to unfasten the couplings that attach the supply tubing to the shutoff valves. Since space is usually (if not always it seems) cramped under the sink and sink areas it always helps Pvc Pipe Repair Coupling to have a full complement of plumbing type wrenches and tools available – in this an actual basin wrench works wonders to loosen and remove the locknuts and washers on both faucet inlet shanks.
Have fun and a successful uneventful completion of these first steps of removing and installing a new deck mounted faucet or faucets.

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