Promotional Stress Balls – Products That Can Be Promoted With Bath Shapes

When it comes to promotional items for marketing and business gifts, aren’t stress relievers the best? Promotional stress balls are low cost, popular gifts, and they’re fun to throw around the office to keep things light and cheerful. They are brightly coloured and eye catching. Who ever says no to a stress ball?
However, as wonderful as promotional stress toys are, everything gets a bit old after awhile. That’s why the clever folks that manufacture them have found ways to make promotional stress relievers in any shape under the sun. Imagine any shape, and they can probably make it for you.
But, consider this. You can have a promotional stress item shaped like a crab from Captain Jack’s Crab Shack, but after awhile, the crab becomes just a crab. What makes a promotional stress toy really effective is that it catches the customer’s attention and imagination, with shapes they don’t expect. Cleverness attached can be just as important as an arresting or cute shape.
Now consider the humble bathtub. The shape of an old-fashioned white bathtub with legs can certainly be used for plumbers, plumbing contractors, bathtub refinishers, and that’s all right. But let’s show what a little imagination, and a little unexpected humor printed on this same bathtub shape can do:
“Clean Up Your Credit!”
This can be used by accountants, by firms that specialize in improving credit scores, and by rental stores where you pay off furniture, appliances and computers with time payments.
“Wash That Man Right Electrical Multi Skill Training Out of Your Hair!”
The famous lyrics from South Pacific can be used by divorce lawyers, or even very clever hairstylists or day spas.
“Forget Bathtub Gin; Drink Ours!”
Liquor stores, liquor distributors, and bars could take advantage of this.
“Tired of Getting Soaked?”
Any business that advertises lower prices and discounts on anything can apply.
“Clean up Government!”
When election time rolls around, candidates for local offices like assembly-person, city council, mayor, and the like will find this inexpensive and effective advertising tool worth their money.
“I’d Rather be My Kitchen Sink Keeps Clogging in a Hot Tub!”
Hot tub shops or spas could use this.
Last, but definitely not least, salesmen, politicians, real estate agents or businesspeople who wants to put his name out in the publics’ attention whose last name could remind someone of a bath tub, such as:
Tubbs (that one was easy), Washburn, Soake, Washington, McClean, Scrubbs…
See what a little humour and imagination can do?

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