Problems With Plumbing?

Where do I begin? I’m sure at some stage in your life you have had some kind of disaster with your plumbing. I`ve just had an extension built on the side of my house, which now gives me a larger kitchen, a larger bathroom and a third bedroom.
I searched around and got many quotes from various builders and was astonished at the difference in prices I had been quoted. I Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride did not go for the dearest and certainly did not go for the cheapest (as they looked like a cowboy outfit off “Rogue Traders”).
I went with what I thought was a reputable building company, because when they came to measure up and give me the quote, they were all suited and booted and seemed to know what the was talking about.
Because it was an extension, they needed to put new footings in, which meant digging deep down around the side of the house. They never asked me for any drawings of the house and began to dig.
This is where the problems started, as they was digging, they hit the main water feed to the house, this shot water 20 feet in the air. We could not find the stop tap in the street to stop this, so i called the authorities who came an hour later.
By this time my garden now resembled the Lake District, after the guy from the authorities had fixed the broken pipe, he kindly handed me a big bill for the work he had done, caused by my “reputable building company” who refused to pay for their mistake.
After this initial set back, work commenced and seemed to be going all OK. That is until the kitchen was fitted; I was working late on this particular day Potable Water Plumbing System and didn’t get home until after 8. As I opened my front door water was above my ankle, this was all through to my living room, dining room and hallway.
The so called plumber had forgotten to put a Maine fitting on under the sink, as he left to go home he turned the water on and never checked for any leaks, I was livid. They sent the top boss round who to be fair did help me tidy up, and offered me compensation for the damage.
As this was near the end of the job, I had already paid most of the money to the company. The work finished and the company said I do not need to pay the rest of the money and keep it as compensation. This did not cover half of the cost it took to put this nightmare right. So the next time I have any work done on my house, going with the dearer company may be the better option in the long run.

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