Potential Cost Of Plumbing Repairs

When it comes to plumbing, most homeowners do not consider preventative maintenance. Learning how to avoid the potential cost of delaying plumbing repairs is simply a matter of routine checks to make sure everything is functioning properly.
The truth is plumbing is not an issue until it becomes a problem. In fact, it is often overlooked completely. You visit your doctor regularly and have your vehicle serviced regularly, so why not your plumbing system?
Most plumbing problems start with something small like a tiny drip or a bit of water on the floor. If no attention is paid to the problem, this could result in costly repair bills to have a plumber come out and correct the problem. By this time, what started out at a low cost repair has bloomed into a huge expense.
Pay Attention to Leaky Toilets
No one wants to spend money unnecessarily, but that is what you are doing if you have a leaky toilet. Not only are you wasting up to 100 gallons of water on a What Are The Different Types Of Plumbing daily basis, but you are adding hundreds of dollars to your water bill. This wasted money could be used for savings, home repairs, or other important things.
A simple dye test to check for toilet leaks will let you know where the problem lies. By adding a few drops of food coloring into the toilet tank and letting it sit for approximately 15-20 minutes, you will know that the culprit is the flapper valve if the dye has traveled to the bowl. A plumber can do this test in a matter or minutes or you can do it yourself for the cost of food coloring. Replacing the flapper valve can be done by the handyman or even the homeowner with minimal skills.
How Much Water is Going Down the Drain
If you have three faucets in your home that drip one just one drop each second this amounts to 17 gallons of water daily or 6,248 gallons each year. The problem could be something as simply as a seal.
If you have older pipes, a leaky faucet is just the beginning of your problems. Older pipes can deteriorate and even burst. This is visible with pipes positioned under the sinks in your home, but what about the pipes behind the walls that are not visible? The cost to repair the walls, the pipes, and other components is much more than having your home inspected by a licensed plumber.
Dangers of Hot What Type Of Plumber Makes The Most Money Water Heaters
Hot water heaters have a tendency to build up dirt and rust scale. This is why is is recommended that you have them cleaned yearly. These foreign materials can affect the pilot light or main burner and cause carbon monoxide to enter the home.
Inspecting your home inside and out is a small price to pay for security and knowing that everything is in working order. Don’t wait for an emergency; know the potential cost of delayed plumbing repairs and get a licensed plumber to inspect your home on a regular basis.

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