Plumbing Tool Advice

What’s interesting about plumbing, whether it’s installing lines in a new house or fixing a leaky faucet, the job always takes a tool or two more than it seems like it should. I can tell you that this fact foils many would-be do-it-yourselfers. After working for several years as a master plumber in Atlanta, I consider myself a plumbing expert. Thankfully, you don’t need to be an Atlanta plumbing expert like myself to handle basic home plumbng tasks. Let’s go over some necessities: First, outfitting a complete tool box is a must.
What constitutes a complete tool box?
For the average homeowner the answer is relatively simple. Just enough tools to handle the basics. Most basic plumbing chores can be accomplished 15 Inch Diameter Pvc Pipe with a straight screwdriver, a Phillips screwdriver, a set of channel locks, a pair of pliers, a 14″ Crescent wrench and a 14″ pipe wrench.
In addition, since a bucket will always come in handy when it’s time to bleed a water line down, some guys like to carry the tools in City With Best Drainage System a two gallon plastic bucket. A five gallon bucket will hold more tools but these are too tall to fit under a sink or behind a toilet.
Know the Location of Your Home’s Shut off Valve
There is one more thing that’s a must when it’s time to do a plumbing job. Knowing where the main shut-off valve is located. Even the most experienced plumbers might start by closing the main supply to the house or the apartment. In the event the job is a simple faucet washer replacement, the angle stop valves on the hot or cold line will likely shut the flow of water off at that faucet. However, on occasion these smaller valves don’t seal completely closed and when that happens, the main shut off valve will have to be closed.
The final element to a home or apartment plumbing repair is a clear determination of the problem. Water on the floor can be the result of several things and most often, a visual inspection, with the water running, will disclose the source of the leak. Overall, most plumbing problems that occur inside the home are of a minor nature. These repairs can be learned easily and performed in a relatively short time once they have been identified.

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