Plumbing Tips For a Clogged Toilet

Plumbing problems, particularly overflow issues, are always annoying and always seem to come at the most annoying times.
This morning I was getting ready for work. I used the restroom, flushed the toilette, and left the room. I kept hearing the water running. Low and behold I walk back into the restroom and there is a pool of water on the floor and the toilet is still running.
Ah, the old “backed up toilet” problem. This is one that man will struggle with for centuries to come and the first man who totally fixes it will be filthy rich.
Until then, lets go over some solutions a person could use in order to overcome this most frustrating unhappy event. Hopefully, you can use one of these suggestions to avoid having to call a plumber out and in the process becoming $120 poorer in the process.
Get The Plunger
This is the first thing you want to do. Your toilet is clogged and and you want to use suction, caused by the rubber head of the plunger, to suction it out.
Make sure you insert the plunger into the toilet bowl in a position where you can get a good seal. The stronger the suction created; the better as more force is being applied to the item(s) that is stuck. Push up and down so you are creating a strong “pull” and a forceful flow of water to break through whatever is clogging up your toilet.
Time to Get The Snake
No, I am not talking about a dangerous animal.
I am talking about a tool that can be used to remove an obstruction that may be deep inside your sewer line. This item is also referred to as an auger.
Basically this tool is a pool with a flexible and somewhat long wire coil that can twist and turn and go fairly far inside a pipe or hole.
Slide the coil inside your toilet and begin twisting. The auger, or snake, is designed to break the clog apart or grasp it and pull it out. After you pull the main chuck out you want to flush the toilet as their are most likely little chunks left in their that you do not want to settle.
Chemicals Advantages Of Being A Plumber
There are substances (like Drano) that are manufactured with the express purpose of clearing drains and toilets. They clear the pipe by basically dissolving the substance that is causing the obstruction.
Make sure that you look on the back of whatever drain cleaner you buy and make certain it is safe for porcelain (what your toilet is made from). Follow the recommended dosage found on the back of the bottle.
After several hours there is a good chance the item will have dissolved and you can flush the Plumbing Pipe Price toilet. I like to wait as long as possible to make sure the object has been broken up.
These are your three basic options your typical can take, without any professional plumbing knowledge, to solve a backed up toilet.

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