Plumbing Tips – Fast Ways to Clear a Clogged Drain

A clogged drain is one of those occasional nuisances of life, and the problem usually occurs at the most inconvenient time. The normal response of most victims is to grab the plunger and work it with a frenzy in an attempt to restore drainage, usually in a vain attempt. Then, after several days of intense battle, defeat sets in and we either run to the store for a can of horrible chemicals, or even entertain the thought of contacting a plumber.
However, because of environmental issues plaguing the earth, chemicals are a bad choice, and calling a professional plumber these days is quite expensive. Having to fork out a wad of cash for someone to unclog a simple drain adds considerable insult to injury.
Before conceding to such extreme acts, try one or more of the following tips for unclogging your drain.
A� Add a half cup of salt directly onto the drain and immediately pour in enough boiling water to dissolve the Common Plumbing Errors salt. Allow this to work for several minutes and then flush repeatedly with hot tap water until the clog clears.
A� Liquid dish soap is another good option for a clogged drain, especially a brand such as Dawn which is well known for cutting grease and Pvc Pipe Cost Per Foot grime. Add a good portion of the soap to the drain and allow it to settle in and work for a few minutes. Follow up by flushing with hot tap water.
A� If you have a box of baking soda, pour half the box over the drain, add a cup of vinegar and let set for a few minutes. Then flush with a steady flow of hot tap water for several minutes to loosen the clog.
A� If the drain screen can be removed, try placing a water hose down the drain and turn it on. Often, there is enough pressure from the hose to bust the clog loose.
If all else fails, you can invest in a drain snake for around $30. This is normally what a plumber will use and, at least, you will have it for future drain problems.

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