Plumbing Apprenticeships

What’s it about?
Plumbing is a huge part of the UK’s construction industry which employs skilled craftsmen and technicians who have the ability to work with a wide range of materials and technologies, from boilers to sinks, to advanced wielding techniques and computerised control systems. A plumbing apprenticeship will train you to become familiar with a range of plumbing systems and components and their installations.
Plumbers not only work for domestic clients as is often thought, but many plumbers work for the construction industry, with tasks that include laying underground drainage pipes and installing sanitation systems. In recent years, the industry has also been involved with developing environmentally-sound technologies like solar water heating and rain water harvesting showing it is a fast-thinking innovative industry.
There are over 22,000 plumbing businesses in the construction sector, so the trade is bursting!
Who’s it for?
Apprentices must be prepared to undertake a physically demanding job, working in a variety of environments, at site, at heights and in all sorts of weather. Plastic Water Main Pipe You need to be willing to follow all safety instructions given by a person in authority and be able to work both individually as well as in a team.
Being good with your hands is advised as there will be a lot of fiddly parts to get to grips with as well as being handy and practical with machinery. Understanding technology and engineering principles will also be essential if you plan to be a prize plumber.
What do I get Plumbing School Westchester Ny out of it?
As a plumbing Apprentice, you’ll learn about the installation and maintenance of plumbing systems and components. You’ll also take a certificate in basic plumbing skills, covering safety, cold water and hot water systems, sanitation, and central heating. On the advanced apprenticeship, your skill base will broaden to include working with gas, and you’ll be able to enter the profession at a higher level. You can also expect a starting salary of £17k-£21k once fully trained!
The basic level frameworks (in England and Wales) an apprenticeship in plumbing follows is; NVQ(s), Key Skills, Technical Certificate(s), Practical Performance Assessment and Employment rights and responsibilities work. While in Scotland the framework consists of SVQ and Core Skills.

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