Plumbers – The Good, the Bad and the Accident Prone

The headline in the local rag a few years back read, “Plumbers are accused of being the most unreliable tradesmen.” I think that generalisation of Plumbing Classes Near Me any kind is not a healthy thing, but unfortunately, the statistics provided in the article were rather conclusive and certainly very damning.
Let’s Put Things in Perspective
Of all the trades required when either installing new equipment or repairing old stuff, plumbers seem to attract more bad press than the other Replace Section Of Water Pipe building services. I would imagine that if a survey had been taken in every county in England, the results would be very comparable.
Now I would say that the majority of plumbers are hard working, honest and reliable people, giving a service that is usually of the highest quality, but obviously, there will always be one or two bad apples in every barrel, and of course, that will have a detrimental effect on any plumber’s reputation.
The Good
In 1987, having just had a new baby girl and already having another daughter living at home; it was obvious that we needed to expand our living space. After much deliberation, my wife and I decided that the answer was to have an extension built. My business was doing pretty well, but as the build was going to cost in the region of A�50,000, getting the best company to undertake the project was our first priority. I thought that I had cracked it by using a member of the same sports club as me…Mistake.
The whole experience was a nightmare, and although I felt totally let down by the team that have taken on my dream of a better home for my family, the only man who came up trumps was a rather portly, fifty year old man with a monkey wrench, a length of copper pipe and a blow torch. He certainly saved the day, always on time, always polite and best of work was exemplary.
The Bad
A few years later, I bought another house as an investment. It needed total refurbishment and owing to my experiences, I thought that the only course of action was to arrange the labour force myself…Mistake
The builder spent most of his day at the nearest racecourse, apparently going over the plans for the job. The electrician suddenly disappeared courtesy of her majesty; the plasterer lived up to his title by frequenting the local hostelry and forgetting where he had been working that morning. It also transpires that the nearest the plumbers had ever been to a boiler was on the Titanic’s maiden voyage. Needless to say, was back to the drawing board.
The Accident Prone
I was finally successful in my attempts to find a trustworthy building firm to carry out all the necessary restoration work, and although it proved to be a little more expensive than originally estimated, the finished product was well worth it. The boss of the company was top notch, the tradesmen met the standard of work that I expected and although the plumber was a nice guy, he appeared to have a death wish.
Example…Whilst laying some new piping under the floorboards in the upstairs bathroom, he proceeded to cut the toes of his work-boots off with an electric saw.
Example…Working in the loft on a new water tank, he decided to visit our main bedroom via the hole that he fell through, having walked where he shouldn’t have.
Example…Finally, I needed a water source taken to an outdoor fish pond that I had built, but sadly, my plumber had forgotten that water and electricity just do not mix. Thankfully, he only had minor burns.
Whatever your circumstances, finding reputable plumbers in your area and avoiding the unfortunate experiences that I encountered, is really down to three things.
1) Do not try to organise the plumbing workforce yourself, unless you have some idea what is involved in the hiring and firing of tradesman in general.
2) Do your sure that you ask around the neighbourhood (the pub is always a good source of information.) In addition, family and friends can often point you in the right direction when choosing a reputable labour force.
3) Always get at least three quotes for the plumbing work involved, but remember that the cheapest quote is not necessarily the best option and can result in causing you more problems than you need.
My Conclusions
When employing workers of any description, plumbers are no different from a bricklayer an electrician or a carpenter. There are good, bad and indifferent in all industries and it really is unfair to single out plumbers as being the worse of the bunch, so don’t be swayed by bad press, and always trust your own instincts.
By following the three simple steps listed above, you will most probably eliminate any possibility of choosing plumbers that will not justify your trust in them. Nothing in life is guaranteed, so if you find that you have made a mistake in your selection, do not could happen to anybody.

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