Plumbers and Marketing – Why Getting New Customers is So Hard

Want to know the three (3) dirty little secrets on how to get customers from your plumbing web site to call you. Here’s a hint, it doesn’t include someone promising you a thousands hits a day on your web site. I don’t know about you, but I can’t feed my children web site hits or visitors.
Sorry to burst your bubble, but the guy on the phone who promises you a thousands hits on your web page may not know what he/she is talking about.
You see it’s just not hits or visits to your web site that gets customers to call your office. It’s getting the customers who visits your web page to actually call your office.
Here are three dirty little secrets that will get customers to call you from your web site.
1. Call To Action:
Have you visited a web page and found it difficult to either find the contact phone number or left the internet site realizing later that they offered the product or service you needed, but just in the corner of the web site. It’s funny, but when I ask plumbing companies this question they always say ” but here’s the service way down behind all the other stuff. That’s great they know where the information on toilet replacement is, but everyone else has to search for it. Remember that web page industry studies have shown that visitors only stay on an average of six seconds on a internet site if it doesn’t interest them. So the dirty little secret is to have a call to action and have it big and obvious at the top of the page.
2. Great another 10% off coupon:
Sorry but big deal about your 10% off coupon. How many times can you honestly say that you’ve gotten enough business from offering 10% off coupons?
Meanwhile, why do you think customers go on the internet in the first place? Why do you go to the internet? I’ll bet it’s the same reason the web site industry found out as well, customers seek information.
They want to see who in the area offers plumbing services and want to know if can trust these companies.
I know the customers are not saying it out loud, but they are saying it in their subconscious.
When you visit your plumbing competitors internet site, don’t they look like an advertisement or a brochure for the company. You need to ask yourself, would you trust these companies by just reading their web page?
But if they offered information about themselves ( picture of actual plumbing license, video of owner introducing themselves, actual full name customer testimonials and not just a testimonial from Johnny B.,etc) customers will start having a feeling of trust. Just saying on the web site that your the best is not going to get people to trust you.
3. Don’t fool me, all plumbing web Plumbing Sign Off sites are basically the same!
Although you may find a really cool professional plumbing web page, they all look like and act like on line brochures. I would suggest that you do something different. Why not offer articles on how to avoid unprofessional plumbing companies and or how not to get ripped off from Johnny the plumber. Better than that, do it on video and place it on your internet site. Customers will believe it when it actually comes from you.
There are no secrets to the ideas that I just mentioned. These concepts come straight from web page marketing books that you can get easily. You just need to know what books are the best and where they are.
Changing your web site and adding video or articles would be great if you knew how . Imagine having a mailing or emails sent to your customers, where they can go to your web site for more information. Designing your web site to be like a salesman would be the best way to get customers to call you.
You can do that easily now with web site software designed for even the most dingle headed plumber. The software is available, you just need to know where to find it.
So Good luck and remember that it’s no little dirty secret Shower Faucet Won’t Turn Off All The Way to get your web site getting customers to call you!!!

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