Pipe Video Inspection and Exploration – Sending Cameras Down Drains and Plumbing for a View Inside

Stubborn, persistent, or recurrent drain problems can be difficult to diagnose. Tracking down the exact location of damage or blockage once pipes leave the home can mean money, time, and property damage saved in the end. One modern tool many rooter and drain services will use is a remote video camera, capable of inspecting the pipes from within and transmitting the image back to the camera operator.
Video inspection of plumbing, piping, and drains allows the homeowner and drain professional to know exactly which tools to bring in to solve the problem. Mineral build up from hard water, grease or oil build up around kitchen & bath drains, clogs in the traps, damage to the plumbing and fixtures, and intrusion or other obstruction by tree roots will all have different options available for remedying the problem.
There are many models of remote operated camera systems available for both the professional and the do-it-yourselfer. In addition to plumbing inspection, remote video is helpful for investigating HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning) conduits, automotive lines, and all sorts of otherwise inaccessible nooks and crannies.
The more inexpensive setups equip the owner with a handheld device with video display and controls. The camera and lamps are attached via a flexible cable, typically between three and four feet in length. While these are incredibly fun and useful tools, for plumbing inspection more robust, waterproof setups with very long cables are required.
Some drain issues are ongoing or recurrent. One video inspection of the drain can tell you that roots are encroaching into sewage and waste-water drainage, but could still require a yearly investment to maintain clear lines. Repair or rerouting of the lines, or purchasing of the required tool for use, are considerations that can also be informed through knowledge gained from remote camera inspection.
Video camera lines are extended by the rooter pro or plumber, who will thread the imaging device through the plumbing. This can be accomplished by screwing the cable in through the pipes in a similar method to using a drain 10 Inch Pvc Pipe Home Depot auger to clear blockages. The protected camera and lens, with its powerful LED lamps to light up the surroundings, snakes its way down the lines, illuminating things and sending back a clear picture to the remote operator.
This is particularly helpful when hoping to retrieve a lost item such as jewelry. When a valuable is dropped down a drain, stop using any drains in the home. This will ensure the object isn’t flushed away Colleges That Offer Plumbing Courses from the home, irretrievable, and out of view of even remote operated cameras. Only then can you call a drain specialist or send your home tool down the pipe to see if the precious item can be located.
For extreme remote viewing and precise location finding, many modern setups will have transmitters capable of indicating direction and depth for surveying and digging. Another very high-tech option is infra-red imaging, or night vision capabilities on the remote camera. Because of their versatility and utility, remote inspection cameras are becoming more and more common in the garage and workshop. All professional drain specialists will provide an inspection service.

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