PEX Manifold – The Top 5 Installation Schemes

PEX manifold is polyethylene which has been cross-linked to create a much stronger material that last for a longer period of time. It can withstand extreme temperatures without cracking or falling apart. If you are planning on using the PEX plumbing system to replace or repair your old pipes but is unsure how to make repairs yourself, know that there are five different ways to install PEX plumbing system:
Trunk and Branch What Is Plumbing Tools Scheme
This system is much like conventional copper pipe system, which uses trunk lines to provide smaller branch lines that run to the fixtures. What sets PEX trunk and branch system is that there is no need for any coupling fittings at all. Compared to copper trunk and branch system, PEX tubing reduces the chances of leaks and allows sweeping turns because PEX are very flexible.
Home Run Scheme
This scheme uses hot and cold-water PEX manifold to deliver water all over your house. For this system, the main water lines as well as the heater line are fed in the manifold while the smaller lines are connected from the PEX manifold to the individual fittings. Generally, this set up requires the manifold to be installed in a central area in the home such as the basement or service closet. Manifold for the heated water is fitted no closer than 18 inches to the heater while the manifold for cold water is fixed beside the heated water manifold.
Remote Manifold Scheme
This set up is the combination of both trunk and brand and home-run schemes where the manifolds are fixed in accessible locations close to multiple fittings. The hot and cold water trunk lines Toilet Flushing Weird are connected to the remote manifold and each branch line run through each fixture. Though remote manifold set-ups require more fittings that home-run set up, they need lesser piping.
Structured Plumbing Scheme
The concept of structured plumbing is the redistribution of heated water with the manifolds set in group fixtures. The hot water line requires open-ended manifolds so that the heated water return line creates an extension to the heated water supply. Because water is redistributed, this scheme reduces energy and water usage, making it ideal for homeowners who prefer cost-effective, energy-efficient plumbing scheme.
Modified Home-Run Scheme
This scheme is very much similar to home-run scheme though this set up use a number of flow-through manifolds instead of the usual central manifolds. One advantage of this set up is that it uses less PEX tubing and deliver heated water faster than any PEX schemes mentioned in this article.

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