Keep Your Sewer Lines Flowing

Every house has them, yet most people ignore them until something goes wrong. They are your drain and sewer lines. These pipes help carry waste water out of your home, through your yard, and eventually to the city sewer system or your own septic tank and field. Keeping these lines clean and flowing well is an essential part to keeping your home in good shape, and your family healthy.
Drain lines run through the walls or floors, then into the ground beneath your home. When these lines are functioning well, water drains quickly. But drains become clogged with accumulated hair, food, grease, soap scum, even things like straws and silverware. Eventually the drain will not drain at all, breeding disease and opening your home up for flooding.
Even a relatively small flood can cause flooring and drywall damage. Unfortunately this type of preventable disaster is not covered by many homeowners insurance policies. If you have a slow running drain call for and Atlanta plumbing repair professional. A qualified plumber can clean your drains using safe plumbing products and techniques.
In addition to these drain lines, plumbing lines run beneath your home, out into your yard. These sewer lines can become blocked for many reasons such as tree roots, an improperly installed line, or perhaps there is construction Plumber Apprentice Resume debris stuck in it. If your floor drains back up, then you probably have such a blockage under your house or within your yard. It is imperative that you call a plumber immediately if you experience such a drain back up.
Experts can run an electric snake through your lines, with a rotating cutting blade. The snake cuts away roots that have pushed their way into pipes, ensuring that the drain will flow while you arrange a more permanent pipe repair. Sometimes, the snake will find that a collection of solid debris has simply built up, and can clear it easily. When necessary, technology allows your Atlanta plumber to run a small, fiber optic camera down the line, revealing any problems.
Homes with septic systems are susceptible to more problems. Septic systems move waste into a septic tank, where enzymes break down the solid wastes, floating the liquids to the top to leach out into the drain field. There, they seep into the soil, making room for more Cpvc For Water Lines liquid waste to leave the tank. If the organic balance in the septic tank is not maintained, solids may not be broken down and can leak out into the field, resulting in a clogged field, and liquid waste backing up into the home, costing thousands of dollars to repair.
Prevent this by adding a monthly enzyme supplement to your system and having your septic tank pumped every few years. With plumbing drain lines, a simple slow running drain, if caught early, can be repaired before causing significant damage. As with most things in life, catching a problem early, and having a professional take care of it, it the best step towards keeping your sewer lines flowing well. This will ensure that your family home remains clean, dry and healthy.

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