Keep Your Plumbing Strong During the Winter Holidays

If you plan for a busy holiday season, you need to be sure your kitchen and bathroom pipes are working properly. The more foot traffic into your bath and shower, the more your Cheap Plumbers Near Me Free Estimates plumbing will work. Nobody wants to deal with leaks and broken fixtures during Christmas, so before you invite the friends and family over, take care to prepare your house.
Keep the Kitchen Cooking
Holidays are synonymous with grand family feasts. No doubt if you have family over, there will be turkey and pies and other treats. That said, you’ll rely on your kitchen sink for cooking and cleaning, so do your best not to pour oils or fat down the drain. If they become solid, they’re sure to clog up your pipes. If you’re making a pumpkin pie to share, don’t use the garbage disposer to get rid of pulp. Not all disposal units have the power to grind up thick gourd skins.
If you plan to wash a lot of dishes after meals, don’t run a cycle until you’ve filled your dishwater Plumbing Skills Training as much as possible. Run the wash through off-hours of the night, too, to conserve energy.
Working Bathrooms = Happy Guests
If the ratio of people to bathrooms in your home is great (and it almost always is), you want to be certain there are no problems over the holidays. If possible, coach visitors into waiting about fifteen minutes in between showers to give your water pressure a chance to recover from each bathing.
Taking good care of your home over the Christmas holidays ensures a memorable visit with family and friends.

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