Is the Industry Doing Enough to Encourage Women?

Although there are more women entering the trades than ever before, it has been brought to attention that still more needs to be done in order to give these women the help and encouragement they need to succeed within these male-dominated environments.
The heating industry has undergone a great deal of change and development over the past few years. This is mostly due to the government proposing new policies and the development of new technologies such as renewables. With this new change comes the new responsibility for industry trades to build upon their work force by adding new and additional skills. The time has come for women to become trained and take advantage of this new transformation in the industry.
Preventing gender divides in the industry
Although it cannot be argued that there are more women working in the industry now than ever before, there are still gender obstacles and other stereotypes that are preventing women from reaching the top. According to The Women and Work Commission (WWC), the gender pay gap has actually widened to 22.6% from 21.9% in 2007.
Adult apprenticeships are a good and important way to get young women to enter this career path. The government has come up with a number of How To Pronounce Plumber initiatives, one of them being spending over 1 billion on apprenticeships. The public reaction to this development has been mostly positive.
However, although the government has been working hard in developing strategies in order to get more women into the industry, some organizations claim that there is still a long way to go and not enough is being done. For example the WWC are still skeptical about the level of progress made and state that there is still a gender divide in the work place.
Employers taking steps to deal with gender divide
Many employers have responded to the situation by taking some positive steps forward in preventing this discrimination. For example, Construction Water Pipe Leak Outside House Skills ran a national advertising campaign to promote the construction industry as a attractive and lucrative career option for women.
British Gas have also taken the initiative by trebling the number of women starting an apprenticeship in order to redress the balance.
Are women themselves not that keen?
Many of the UK construction and engineering companies have claimed that despite initiatives to encourage more women to enter the industry, job applications from women are still low. It was found that despite 80% of women saying that they would be interested in going down a non-traditional career path, the applications coming in are still low.
It has been argued that many of these gender stereotypes come from schools where enough is not being done to promote non-traditional careers for girls. There are some organisations that are set up for the purpose of encouraging these women to enter non-traditional career paths. For instance, the Women in Science & Construction (WISE) is set up to encourage young girls up to the age of 19 to pursue careers in science, engineering and construction.

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