How You Can Use Ingenuity to Survive

During the past decades, we were always taught to believe that education is the key to job security. Now it is beginning to be apparent that mere education alone is not enough.A� These days, everybody is educated and work is suddenly being outsourced more and Plumbing And Sanitary System Pdf more to other countries with lower purchasing power.A� Large companies whom we thought all this time were stable are now not living up to expectations. Jobs are getting harder to come by and we know we can’t just sit around and wait until things change. A�
There is a remarkable story of a man in Canada who was working as a cleaning man until he broke his back and suffered paralysis in both legs. His family was still young with two children ages five and two.A� Though his How To Plunge A Bathroom Sink doctors assured him that he might still regain movement of his legs with years of therapy, this Canadian man knew he couldn’t wait for things to change.A� So he learned to work with his hands and his mind instead.
While lying in bed he started researching business ventures he could afford financially and would be able to manage in his current condition.A� After months of Internet research and phone calls, he came up with the idea of starting his own cleaning business.A� He had not found any other business that would be as easy and as cheap to set up.A� Plus, since he use to clean houses himself, he already had a basic understanding of the industry.A� So, he started with nothing more than a phone and aA� phonebook, dialing each residence starting with “A”, offering them cleaning services. He got a lot of hang-ups and “no’s”,A� but there were some interested people too.A�A� After securing his first job, he called up a few friends he knew from work and offered them part time work. Then he invested $50, his starting capital in this business venture, to buy cleaning materials. From that first project he cleared 40% of the gross revenue and made a profit while lying in bed just using the telephone. He repeated the same procedure several times a day and today he’s earning a good living weekly while working for only up to four hours a day in the comfort of his home.
Business opportunities like these are often overlooked because it involves dirty, manual labor.A� Also, many people have the false impression that thriving businesses must have spacious offices and hundreds of employees.A� Too many times this theory has been disproved, though.
To help you search for unique opportunities such as this example right in your own area, you must first identify a need that people cannot live without, such as food or shelter or the maintenance of the shelter.A�A� As a perfect example, in Dallas the soil is mostly clay.A� Clay is known for it’s tendency to shrink and contract constantly, based on its exposure to moisture, heat and cold. With this type of soil,A� the pipes are constantly stressed and can tend to crack or burst.A� This allows sludge and debris to enter the pipes, clogging them. This problem creates a definite need in the marketplace for the Dallas area.A� As a result, plumbing repair and replacement are constantly in demand in Dallas, Texas. So what do you think would be a lucrative business opportunity in Dallas? Yes, you got it right-A� a Dallas plumber. A�
You, too, can have a successful business in your own area by first doing research and observation to identify the need and demand and then using ingenuity to find a way to fill that need.

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