How to Unclog a Shower Drain

It’s usually pretty rare for showers to suddenly become stopped up. A clog in the shower usually builds up over a long period of time, with the shower draining more slowly each day. Water starts to accumulate and sits for a long period of time, stains will start to form and mold may even grow. Before you call a plumber or drain cleaner and have to pay a lot of money, follow these basic troubleshooting steps to try clearing the clog yourself.
When you are working with a shower clog, you should first remove the strainer screen plate over the shower drain and use a bent piece of wire like from a coat hanger to fish out any kind of hair and soap scum you might see. A lot of times you find that this alone cures the problem.
If that did not help try the next step; make sure there is about an inch or so of water sitting over the drain opening. Place a plunger or plunger’s cup over the drain opening, then move it up and down with firm quick motions at least a dozen times to dislodge the clog.
Most of the time that will work for minor type of clogs. If it’s still not cleared move on to the next step; you will have to make sure the floor of the shower has no water in it by soaking or mopping it up somehow. Boil a pot of water and poor it in the drain, you can also try adding a mixture of water with baking soda or even pour about a quart of straight vinegar into the drain to dissolve the blockage.
For the tougher or deeper clogs, get a plumber’s auger from a hardware store. An auger is the primary tool to use for more deep and stubborn type clogs. First try to feed about a foot of cable into the shower drain, by pushing forward while turning the hand crank. You should start to feel some kind of resistance almost immediately, but keep cranking on the auger until the cable passes all the way through the clog.
Hopefully that should have worked for the clog, retrieve the cable back, then run several gallons Sharkbite Copper To Pex of hot water down the drain. Finally, replace the strainer screen plate on the drain.
When you are having more serious type of drain clogs that will not unclog with those techniques used, you should call up a drain cleaning Water Problems In Yard company that specializes in drain cleaning, they are much cheaper and do better jobs than the licensed plumbing companies.

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