How To Repair A Toilet Properly

The common toilet in our home is made up of different parts. You have the ceramic toilet a toilet seat attached to it and a flush 4.5 Inch Pvc Pipe tank. Some toilets do not have a flush tank and water is passed to flush the toilet directly through a broad water pipe.
If you find that there is a puddle of water collected around the toilet there could be two reasons for this. The water is either from the supply line which supplies water from the main to the flush tank or a wax ring which you will find under the toilet.
To know the cause of the leak you will first need to mop the excess water and dry it with the help of the towel. Once the area around Types Of Pipes Ppt the toilet is dry, flush the toilet and see if the water on the floor comes from the supply line or from underneath the toilet.
If you find that the water leak is in the supply line you will need to replace it or simply tighten it. Start by turning the water supply off and then flushing the toilet to get rid of the excess water. Now use the towels to dry the area so that it is easier for you to fix the leak. Use a wrench to loosen the hexagonal nuts on the supply line at the main end as well as the one which goes to the flush tank. Now use the replacement supply line which you have and tighten the bolt at the supply end first. Now adjust the length that you will need for the pipe to reach the flush tank. Once you adjust the length use a knife to cut the extra length and then tighten the hexagonal bolt at the other end.
If you find that the leak originates under the toilet then you will need to replace the wax ring. You can find the wax ring at a hardware store. Begin by first shutting the main supply line and then flush the toilet. Dry the excess water on the floor with the help of towels. Loosen the nuts at the base of the toilet and lift it up and away and place the toilet on its side. At this point you will need to scrape off the wax ring from underneath the toilet as well as the toilet floor. After this is done place the replacement wax ring on the floor and place the toilet on it and tighten the nuts. This will seal the base of the toilet and will fix the leak.

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