How To Repair A Dripping Tap (Faucet)

We all experience this problem from time to time. It is possibly the most frequent plumbing problem we experience although it is becoming less frequent with recent advances in both design and materials. There are several causes of the dripping tap and most fixes are simple enough for the average handyman to undertake without employing a craftsman plumber. It is a simple step by step task that will save wasted water and annoyance. You would probably be surprised just how much water is wasted by a dripping tap – put a bucket under the tap overnight and see how much is collected.
There are usually three washers that might be the cause of the tap dripping, and therefore require replacement. They are the O ring, the tap body washer and the jumper valve washer. Each of these will be one of a standard range of Bathroom Sink Won’T Drain sizes and it is important that you match the replacement correctly with the size of the old one. Be aware though that there may appear to be a slight size difference due to wear and or shrinkage depending on the washer material.
Here we go, step by step:-
1/ Turn off the main water supply to the house. After doing so run any tap to allow pressure to drain from the system and to confirm that the supply has completely stopped.
2/ It is a good idea to put the plug in to stop any items going down the drain while doing the repair.
3/ Remove the top cover to reveal the screw retaining the hand grip. Then undo the screw and remove the handle.
4/ In most cases the tap body is covered with a metal shroud that will now need to be unscrewed either by hand or an appropriate tool. take care not to damage the chrome or other decorative finish.
5/ Using a wrench unscrew the now exposed tap body (or bonnet) and remove it completely. You should now be able to Harmful Effects Of Open Drainage System see the O ring, the larger body washer and the jumper valve, and be able to inspect the condition of them all.
6/ It is highly recommended that you replace all 3 washers at the same time regardless of condition as this will give you the most durable result and it should be years before you need to repair the same tap again.
7/ Once the three washers are all changed, simply reverse the process and reassemble the tap to its complete state.
8/ After everything is back together, remove the waste plug, make sure the tap is closed (off) and turn the main supply on again. When first opening the repaired tap do so slowly as air trapped in the pipes may cause violent outbursts. Let the water run until a steady flow is achieved then close it again.
Now it should be working well. However if it continues to drip it is likely that the jumper valve seat has become worn and will need refinishing. If this is the case there are two choices. Either call in a plumber to professionally reseat the tap for you, or if you think you have the ability your local hardware or plumbing supplies store will be able to sell you a reseating tool. The reseating tool will grind the valve seat to its correct shape and thus allow the new washer to seal properly against the seat.

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