How to Handle a Plumbing Issue in the Property You Manage

Make no mistake about it, with the exception of a fire, a plumbing problem in a property you manage can be the most destructive and expensive event you will be required to address. Not unlike a fire, the problem requires immediate and defined resolution or you could be dealing with a catastrophe. Why the hysteria over a little plumbing problem? Let’s define a plumbing problem. You manage an apartment building which is four stories high and has apartments located directly underneath one another, which for building cost savings of shared plumbing drainage systems, is quite normal.
A simple leaking faucet or clogged toilet, although classified as a plumbing problem, is not high on the dangerous priority list. With the exception of an irate renter whose toilet is clogged, the repair can wait until the following day if it’s 2:00 am.
However, if a water supply line, just a A�” cold water supply line under the bathroom sink breaks, the urgency is every bit as immediate as a 4 alarm fire. The water Air Pressure Toilet Flush from the broken pipe will not be able to be contained by the renter no matter how hard they try as it’s like bailing water out of a sinking boat with a teaspoon.
Water will always take the easiest route of travel and no matter how solid a floor appears to be, there are seams and cracks in the sub floor. Even should the floors be constructed of concrete, people usually discover at their dismay, concrete is very porous and water will seep right through it. At that point the top apartment flooring, it always seems to be the top floor, is ruined which will require removal of whatever material the floor is made of and reinstallation of another floor.
That’s just the beginning of your problems. The water which has leaked through the floor is now saturating the drywall ceiling in the apartment below, which due to weight and weakening of the drywall, will cause the ceiling to collapse. When this happens the water, which has collected in the ceiling will erupt through the break and flood the apartment below destroying whatever is in its way. This unfortunate scenario will repeat itself all the way into the basement leaving a wake of destruction in its path and the probable forced evacuation of the effected apartments.
Now that I have your attention as to the seriousness of the plumbing problem let’s try to avoid or at least minimize the damages. Every person involved in maintaining the apartment complex must know exactly where the emergency water shut off valve is located for each building. There will normally Plumber In South Delhi be a shutoff for each unit and a master main shutoff valve for the building itself. This area must be lit and accessible at all times. It won’t do much good for your maintenance man to reach the troubled building within minutes, but can’t gain access to the valve because the door is locked.
Contract with a local plumbing company to provide immediate emergency services if required. This service will cost, but consider it an insurance policy you hope you never need to collect. The quick arrival of a trained professional will not only speed repairs but could substantially limit damages to the property. As part of this service agreement a periodical inspection of the plumbing system could be included. The ounce of prevention procedure.

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