How Hard Water Can Hurt Your Plumbing and Heating System

If you are constantly plagued by water stains and spots when doing your dishes, you could be afflicted with hard water. According to the United States 4.5 Inch Pvc Pipe Geological Survey 89.3% of US homes have hard water, a problem that occurs when your water has substantial amounts of calcium and magnesium.
Hard water is not known to have any adverse health effects, however it can leave your skin dry and your hair dull. Combined with soap or detergent, it Plumber Near Me Justdial can form a scum which clings to all different surfaces. It may leave stains throughout your home and makes cleaning more difficult than necessary.
The biggest problem with hard water though is the effect it can have on your plumbing system. Over time, the minerals can build up inside the pipes of your plumbing system causing calcification and restricting water and waste flow. In hot water heaters, the minerals will settle on the heating element, as well as along the walls of the tank and within the pipes. This will reduce the life and efficiency of the hot water system as a whole.
So how do you cure hard water? The most common form of treatment is installing a water softener. Softeners will remove the excess minerals in your water. Softeners help protect your home’s plumbing system, ease the difficulty in cleaning spots & soap scum and will help prevent against dry skin and hair.
To find out if you have hard water, your local plumber or water treatment specialist can perform a simple test, which will show the hardness, pH levels and measures the level of dissolved solids. Once they know whats in your water, they can better recommend the best course of treatment.

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