Helpful Plumbing Tips For Summer

Summer is known as the season when people usually buy new homes. However, most home buyers are often riddled with problems regarding poor home plumbing and water leaks. About forty four percent of homeowners decide to call in the experts within the first year of purchasing their new home. So to avoid dealing with costly plumbing repairs and having to call your trusty plumber frequently, it would be a good idea if you do a visual inspection of your home plumbing system regularly. In that regard, here are some great tips that will surely be of great help to you.
Inspection in Water Supply Plumbing
When inspecting your water supply pipe, you can start by turning on your sink and tub faucet to determine if there is a dramatic reduction in water volume. If this is the case, How To Stop A Leaking Pipe With Water In It you are either dealing with a hidden leak somewhere in your plumbing pipes or you have to replace the pipes since calcium and mineral deposits have already accumulated.
If you have pipes running in the basement, be sure to always check for Drainage Pollution signs of damage, cracks, or potential leaking on exposed pipes.
Make it a habit to check the surrounding area of the toilet for any signs of leaks or water accumulation. Also, you should look for water damage on the bathroom floor tiles and walls. If you notice white or black stains in the area, then that may be a signal that water is leaking from within.
When flushing the toilet, check if the flush is performing efficiently and if it flushes water as it should.
Press bathroom walls to check for leaks or loose tiles, especially in areas around the tub and toilet. If the inspection revealed soft tiles, then you have to thoroughly check this area as this may be indicative of serious water damage behind the bathroom walls. You should also do the same on the bathroom floor as this is also prone to leaking and water damage.

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