Handy Tools For Home Plumbing – DIY

Though there will still be times where you will need to call a professional plumber, some jobs are simple enough that you can do them yourself. However, in order to do simple plumbing repair on your own, you will need some essential tools.
o Sink Auger: A sink auger can be very valuable for unclogging drains on tubs or sinks. However, don’t use this on a toilet. There’s another tool made especially for that.
o Closet Auger (also called a toilet auger): The closet auger is specifically designed for unclogging toilets. Just as you shouldn’t use a sink auger on a toilet, don’t use a closet auger on a sink.
o Flange Plunger: The flange plunger is one designed to help clear clogs in toilets. Its specials shape makes it efficient for toilet bowls.
o Cup Plunger: The cup plunger is a different type of plunger Stop Water Leak Under Pressure and is used to help clear clogs in sinks and tubs.
o Adjustable Wrench: This tool is essential for plumbing repair and is used for gripping round objects such as pipes.
o Faucet Valve Seat Wrench: This tool is used in repairing sinks; specifically in replacing washers in compressions sinks.
o Basin Wrench: The basin wrench is also a handy tool when performing sink repairs. Cpvc Water Lines This tool will be useful for replacing the nuts that hold the faucet in place.
o Teflon Tape: This type of tape is very effective in sealing pipe threads. Teflon tape is extremely useful for many things such as sealing shower heads so that there are no leaks in the threaded joints and connections.
o Tubing Cutter: This tool is great for cutting copper pipe. It’s shaped like a C-clamp so that it can get a great grip on the pipe. At the end is a sharp cutter.

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