Green Plumbing For the Home

Green plumbing, or eco-friendly plumbing, is designed to complement other sustainable home improvement initiatives, in the move to reduce the environmental footprint of our activities on the planet. Plumbers armed with these skills can implement and install a variety of energy saving systems and appliances in the home. A green plumber typically has to obtain certification by attending a number of relevant courses, after which they are considered accredited. This confirms that they have expertise in a number of areas, including water efficient technologies such as solar hot water systems, rainwater tanks and grey water recycling systems; amongst others. They also should be in possession of the most current information for consumers regarding energy efficient measures for the home and garden.
Green Plumbing Projects Some of the most popular green plumbing projects for the home include:
•Rainwater Harvesting – Installing a rainwater tank is a great way of maximising this free resource. Gardens require a significant 4.5 Inch Pvc Pipe amount of water, particularly in the summer, and a rainwater tank can also be connected to a toilet or laundry for additional savings
•Solar Hot Water – Solar hot water is an economical alternative to expensive electrical systems, utilising the natural energy Homeserve Approved Plumbers of the sun to heat hot water for use in your home. Most systems have a back up in the event of extended sun-free periods
•Grey Water Systems – Grey water is a method of recycling water from sources and appliances in the home, such as the washing machine and bath, for filtration, storage and later reuse. Provided one uses environmentally friendly detergents, this system can provide a valuable additional source of water for use in the home
Top five water saving tips for the home Follow these simple tips for making the most of precious water resources around the home:
• Install a dual flush toilet if you don’t already have one • Showers are more water efficient than baths, just make sure you keep them quick • Repair all plumbing leaks promptly and keep your appliances well maintained • Plant water independent plants in your garden • Install a rainwater tank and utilise this resource to water your garden and wash the car
If you are interested in the benefits outlined above, consult an accredited green plumber for additional advice and guidance on greening your home.

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