Grease Trap Is Not Just a Dirty Word!

A Grease trap (grease arrestor) does as the name implies – traps the fats, oils, solids and grease from reaching a municipalities’ sanitary sewer system. They are required by Authorities and by regulation. They must be installed on the sanitary wastewater and are required from the kitchen waste fixtures of restaurants and other commercial shops as may the governing Authority dictate. Contact the governing Authority prior to purchase of a grease trap interceptor as they will determine their size, type, minimum periodic frequency required to clean them out, and Diseases Plumbers Get whether the manufacturer and particular model has approval by them under their area of jurisdiction. The grease arrestor is strongly recommended on all commercial kitchens or high grease waste producing fixtures that is to be connected to a septic tank system. This is to maintain the septic tank function and minimize pipe blockages from occurring. It does not take much to kill the bacteria in the septic tank system, resulting in high septic tank pump out frequencies. We strongly recommend the use of the plumbing services professional. This will ensure:

that soil waste is not mixed with the grease wastewater.

Ensure correct grades and falls

Greasy waste does not solidify in the pipe.

Approvals with authorities, periodic maintenance cleaning and access requirements

Correct ventilation is installed to the system.

All installation recommendations are subject to the approval of the local plumbing code authority.

The use of the correct materials due to Copper Pipe Leak Repair Tape the corrosive nature of grease waste

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The grease trap is an important part to get right as one of the plumbing services!