Electric Boilers – Yay or Nay?

There are many different types of boilers available, each one suited to different properties of different sizes.
More and more people are thinking about moving to an electric boiler, if they haven’t done already.
There are a few reasons people may be considering an electric boiler:
High Efficiency: Toilet Running Intermittently Not Flapper
They are exceptionally efficient. As no flue is required to remove excess noxious gases from the property (as no fuel is burnt within the property itself), there is a massively reduced chance of useful heating energy escaping without being utilised. Trianco Aztec Boilers, for example, operate at an efficiency level of 98.8%.
Low cost of electricity: A Plumbers Resume
Electricity is a lot cheaper fuel source than gas or oil, so conventional gas or oil boilers may be considered a tad more expensive. People looking to reduce the cost of their monthly outgoings on their heating bill could consider moving to electric power source. No compromise on performance.
Convenience & Flexibility:
There are over 4 million people in the UK that are unable to access the mains gas grid. For those in this situation, it means an alternative fuel source is needed to power their central heating and hot water.
An electric boiler is a convenient and quick way to do this. You just plug your radiator into the properties electricity source and away you go – just like any other household appliance.
Maintenance and warranty:
Electric boilers don’t need the same year service as gas or oil boilers. They are considered similar to any other electric household appliance and would really only need to be serviced if they started working dangerously.
In most cases, this would be covered by the electric boiler warranty. The Trianco Aztec boiler range, for example, comes with a standard 2 year warranty.
Choice of Electrical Outputs:
Most Electric boilers are available in a multitude of different specifications, so you can find one that has the electrical outputs that perfectly fit your property.
So, if you have a large property and there is a high demand for hot water in the morning when people are getting ready for work or school, then a 12kW Trianco Aztec Electric System boiler may be perfect.
Alternatively, if you have a 1bedroom property and the requirement for hot water is not quite as high, then the 6kW Trianco Aztec System boiler may well be better suited.
Great value:
Get your boilers online at a great low prices online, with most companies offering quick delivery. Ordering online helps bring down the cost of any boiler pruchase as the comapny doesn’t have to pay high rental prices for a walk in showroom or factory.
So is it worth investing in one?
If you want a highly efficient method to get your hot water and heating then it is certainly worth considering investing in an electric boiler.
Trianco are one of the most popular manufacturers of electric boilers in the UK, offering top quality and stylish boilers that are approachable and easy to use if you are keen on optimising the temperature regularly to get the most out of your heating system.

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