Easy Green Plumbing Tips

If you, like most people, are trying to add a green element to your home there are a number of ways your plumber can help.
As is the case with a great many green home improvements, many of these plumbing tweaks will save you money and help keep your family healthier as well.
Here are just a few green plumbing jobs worth thinking about.
Install an On Demand Heating Pump
These pumps send water to your shower or sink in a matter of seconds and can save you money in two different ways. You will no longer have to run the water unnecessarily waiting for it to heat up, thus cutting down your water consumption which saves money and reduces waste. In addition you will not be wasting energy as hot water unnecessarily sits unused in the pipes.
Have Chlorine Filters Installed on Your Showerheads
Chlorine sensitivity is a big problem for many people. Chlorine is absorbed six times faster through the skin than it is by drinking it in water. Having chlorine filters installed will result in a healthier shower for everyone.
Have a Whole House Purification System Installed
Want to go one better than a tap filter and a special shower head? Then talk Burst Radiator Pipe Car to a plumber about having a whole house filtration system installed.
These clever things remove all the nasty chemicals and assorted debris in the water throughout your home. Tap water will become drinkable How To Plunge A Bathroom Sink again and even your hot water heaters and plumbing fixtures will benefit if you live in an area with high sediment water.
Install a Home Leak Monitor
Sometimes a leak can go unnoticed for months before it really causes a problem. But it is still wasting water every day. A home leak monitor will alert you as soon as it senses a problem so you can call a plumber right away before the leak causes serious and potentially expensive damage.

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