Do It Yourself Plumbing – How to Prevent Expensive Plumbing Repairs

It happens to the best of us, the water heater burning out or main line backing up. But there’s good news! Hvac Industry Outlook Many of the expensive repairs around your home are preventable given your pipes aren’t corroding.
Here is a list of easy tasks to implement to the plumbing around your home. Trust me on this one, they’re worth it:
– A�Disconnect all of the hoses to your home in about October or November. This will help prevent freezing of pipes that are a headache How Turn Off Water To House to replace the following spring. Not to mention preventing water damage. Freezeless hose bibs are also a smart investment.
– When going on vacation, set water heater to “pilot” or “vacation”. Not only will this save you possible damage to your home, it will help your energy bill as well. On a side note, if vacationing in winter, keep the furnace to at least 55 degrees and open the cupboards under your sinks so the warmer air can get to the pipes. This helps prevent freezing. Insulate your pipes.A�
– Drain your water heater once or twice a year. This flushes out the sediment on the bottom of the heater that can corrode through the bottom and leave you with an expensive repair.
– Buy strainers for your sinks and bathtub. These are inexpensive gadgets that can be bought at any home improvement store. Preventing hair, wedding rings and other objects that could clog the drain are well worth the investment.
– Don’t put anything down your garbage disposal that could jam it such as bones, rice, chicken skin, grease, thick skins of fruits and veggies such as avocados, and anything that could expand.

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