Do I Need a Plumber, or Can I Fix It Myself?

It’s tempting to save money by taking on plumbing repairs yourself. There are times when a homeowner is certainly capable of making a plumbing repair and the savings can be tucked away for another occasion. There are many other times, however, when you are better off calling in the professionals.
Replacing a toilet is a relatively simple job that most homeowners could do on their own. Simply pull the old commode, pop in a new wax ring and install the new toilet. The worst part of the job How To Fix Pipe Leak is the water that will inevitably drain from the old unit, so have a towel ready for those small leaks. The other important step is to be sure the water is shut off before you get started.
Replacing a faucet might be a job for the average homeowner, depending on the faucet. A straight line with Home Emergency Plans no special bends or turns is relatively simple, provided you remember to shut off the water first.
Replacing an entire sink, however, is a job best left to the pros. Calling for a plumber is the safest choice when the dated sink is leaving and a beautiful new one is coming in. While water supply lines are simple to connect and tighten, the same can not be said of the drain lines.
Drain lines for sinks and tubs are glued into place, and positioning the new pipes around drawers and other goodies under the cabinet can be challenging. A slow leak from a drain pipe that leaves no more than a few drops of water an hour can still result in serious water damage to your cabinetry. Protect your home and beautiful kitchen or bathroom cabinets by leaving this job to the professionals. They have the tools and the knowledge to seal the drain pipes accurately and completely.
Changing out dated faucets in the bathtub can also be a job for a plumber, rather than the homeowner. While some faucet handles are simple to switch out, others require special tools to make the transition from older plumbing lines to modern fittings. Attempting to do this on your own can easily result in a steady drip of water that is hidden behind walls, a condition that can potentially result in mold and massive damages. When you have chosen the new faucets for your shower, call in a professional to be sure that the job is done right and sealed up completely against leaks.
Any time you suspect a plumbing leak in your home it is best to call the professionals. Plumbers tape is not designed to stop leaks in old pipes and clogged drains that are buried under concrete floors can be tricky to work with. Water will follow the path of least resistance without a care for where that path is. Ideally that path will be inside the pipes that are meant to hold the water. Should that path take the water down other trails, however, the services of a professional will be required. Pinpointing the exact spot of a leak can be extremely difficult due to water’s natural ability to travel. Once the leak is found, cutting out the damaged area and replacing it with new piping requires experience.
Don’t take chances with your greatest investment. Save money by turning off lights and driving more conservatively, not by trying to take on plumbing repairs yourself. Call in the professionals to handle jobs for you, allowing you to keep your home safe and protected from the ravages of leaking pipes.

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