Ceiling Fix After a Plumbing Leak

Many people after they have a water leak from above are looking for a ceiling fix. We get lots of calls from people who have drywall damage because of some water leaking in from above. A person called me this morning that wanted to get the ceiling repaired because of some water damage.
It’s good advice to make sure that whatever caused the water damage to your ceiling has been fixed. I asked the person if the thing that caused the water damage was repaired or not. He told me he didn’t know what caused the water damage which means in turn that there is one of two things that could have caused this water damaged ceiling. One thing that could have caused the water damage to the ceiling below is a bathtub or a toilet overflowing or something flowing down onto the floor. This type of thing is strictly an accident and you just have to be careful not to overflow the bathtub or do something else that would cause the water to spill onto the floor.
The other thing might be that you have bad sealing between your shower and your walls or your shower tray at the bottom is not being sealed off correctly to the surrounding walls or floor. As the water runs down the wall it might be seeping into cracks on your shower wall or seeping into crack at the very bottom where the shower wall meets the shower tray where you stand. So you have to check to make sure that all the walls and everything caulk in and sealed not allowing water to penetrate behind. Other considerations might be that your internal pipes behind the shower wall might be leaking.
If by accident your toilet overflowed make sure to soak up and wipe up all the water as soon as possible because it will seep down through the floor even though it doesn’t Delta Kitchen Faucet Won’T Turn Off look like his draining quickly it will eventually get through. So the best advice here is to make sure that you do have a toilet overflow to clean up quickly.
If you don’t see any evidence of water visibly on the floor or around your fixtures but you do have definitely a leak of some kind coming through from the ceiling you also might have some kind of a external roof leak or chimney leak. It is wise to When Should You Install A French Drain have a roofer makes sure that all your flashings and you’re caulking and of course your shingles are in good condition. And the other option is also to make sure that your plumbing is intact and not leaking possibly a crack pipe or a bad fitting.

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