Caring For Your Plumbing System During Winter

Indeed, winter months are the busiest of all the four seasons. This is because this is the time when people celebrate Christmas and Thanksgiving. During the holidays, households typically tend to a great number of guests. Of course the extra guests in the house can really put a serious strain to your home’s plumbing system. More people in the house mean more dishes that need to be washed and bigger meals that need to be prepared. With that said, plumbing disaster is inevitable during these times, thus, resulting to increased emergency calls to your trusty plumber.
A busy kitchen must put up with increased grease build up and more foods finding their way to the drain. With this in mind, sink clog is one of the most common problems that homeowners typically encounter at this point. Also, having holiday guests can be equated to more showers, additional toilet flushes and more sink usage. These extra bathroom and kitchen work will continuously add up and eventually give way to an impending plumbing disaster.
As hair, food, grease, and soap continue to build up, all it takes is one major overload to exacerbate the situation. And a house full of guests can be the trigger for your plumbing system to finally give in. So by now, you are probably wondering what are the things that you can do in order to prevent these things from happening during the most important time of the year. In that case, here are some great tips that you should keep in mind.
Plumbing tips in Push Button Toilet Flush Installation the kitchen
As much as possible, keep away from putting fibrous and hard-to-grind wastes onto your garbage disposer, such as poultry skin, carrots, banana peels, pumpkin pulps and the likes. The garbage disposer is not capable of grinding these items thus when you forced them into the disposer will cause serious clog to your sink drain.
It is also recommended not to drain fats or oil into the sink. You should be aware that oils and fats may solidify in the drain pipes thus clogging the drain. Therefore, be sure to wipe away congealed grease from your cooking pots before washing them in the sink.
Before you add food debris or particles on the sink, be sure that you turn on your garbage disposer. This is necessary to ascertain that the solid particles that will go down the drain will be grind to tiny pieces to ensure smooth sink draining. It is also a good idea to allow water to run for at least fifteen seconds before and after you use the garbage disposer so that the wastes that you have introduced to the drain will be flushed efficiently down the main pipes.
Since water demand is increased during the Holidays, it is advised that you use the washing machine and dishwasher at night in order to conserve water pressure and temperature.
Plumbing tips in the bathroom
Be sure to put a garbage can near the toilet to ensure that it won’t be used as a trash bin by your guests. Make sure to put a reminder in your bathroom to inform your guests Purpose Of Gully Trap not to flush sanitary napkins, tissues, and other stuff that does not belong in the toilet. Doing so will preclude you from dealing with serious toilet clogs later on.
It would be best if you plan ahead with regards to showering time of each guest. It is better if you spread out the use of the shower throughout the day. Tell your guests to wait for at least 10 minutes in between showers so as not to strain your bathroom plumbing that much.
Professionals, such as plumbers in Boston or Dallas plumbers, will be more than willing to give you tips and advices on how to properly care for your plumbing system during the winter season. You may also opt to visit their websites to get more useful tips on how to keep your home’s plumbing in tip top shape this coming Holiday.

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