Can Septic Tanks Be Harmed By Bleach or Other Chemicals?

The septic tank is a vital part of the plumbing system. For this reason, the septic tank must be properly maintained which includes keeping things out of it that can cause damage. Often, homeowners will put flush a variety of items down the septic system without thinking of the harm they can do. This includes chemicals that can be found in various products such as cleaners. One such item that many homeowners will flush down their toilet is the chemical bleach.
Homeowners will put bleach and other chemical downs their septic systems in an effort to clean the plumbing system parts and devices such as the toilet. However chemicals and bleach when used in great amounts can cause damage to the plumbing system, including the septic tank. For instance, the tank contains bacterial micro-organisms that are used to digest waste. These anaerobic bacteria break down the solid waste Common Bathtub Problems in the septic tank. When you add bleach to the tank, it will kill the anaerobic bacteria. When the bacteria are gone, the solid matter will accumulate in the septic tank and it will make it much more difficult to cleanse the water that will be distributed back to the ground water table. The result is contaminated water will be returned to the environment which will have a devastating effect on the environment.
When you use bleach and harsh chemicals, and even oils such as motor oil, and the bacteria are killed, the accumulation of the solid waste will eventually build up and cause the septic tank to back up. The result can be damage Plastic Water Pipe Sizes to the tank and even the entire plumbing system. You will have a big mess if the sewer line backs up into the basement. The repair will likely be very expensive. You may even have to buy a new tank which will be very costly.
A septic tank cannot function properly without anaerobic bacteria to digest the waste so it is wise to keep chemicals and bleach out of the septic tank. As well, you should have your septic tank pumped by a plumbing service to clean it out and keep the tank working properly and extend its life. As well, you should add a bacteria additive that you can buy at a hardware store and plumbing supply store to make sure there are enough bacteria in the tank to do the job. It also helps to keep the sewer lines clean and odour free.
Bleach and harsh chemicals can harm both the tank and the sewer lines. It is important to use the plumbing the system for what is intended and not as a garbage disposal. Natural cleaners are always the best choice for cleaning toilets and sinks. Proper maintenance of the septic system is vital to keeping it operating properly. As well, yearly inspection and servicing by a professional plumber will help maintain the plumbing system and reduce the chances of a breakdown in the system which can be very frustrating and expensive.

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