Can My Sewer Lines Be Repaired Without Digging?

Have you ever had a slow and sluggish drain or looked in your bathtub after washing to find a ring of gunk? If so, you may have a simple blockage not far from the drain. It might, however, be a partially clogged sewer line. This problem is not only annoying but can become downright dangerous if the stuff that’s supposed to go into the sewer starts backing up into your house.
Unless you are a plumber yourself, the best way to solve this problem is to call a professional. Sewer lines are buried in your yard and will probably be difficult Pvc Pipes Specification to find. Then again, in some cases, they might run under the foundation of your house. It is best to hire a professional instead of just starting to dig.
There are many causes of sewer line blockages. Over time a layer of sludge can build up, especially if your drain does not have the proper slope. Sewer lines drain by gravity and the pipe needs to run at a slight downhill angle. This is to allow all the things you send down it to flow where they’re supposed to go.
The ground around the pipe can sometimes shift and cause an incorrect angle thus slowing your drain. Other causes of sewer line problems can be a broken pipe that may have happened by being driven over. There may also be a tree or other plant roots that may grow their way into your sewer line. Regardless of the cause, a clogged sewer line is nothing to mess around with.
A professional should be able to diagnose your problem without digging up the entire drain line. This can sometimes be accomplished through checking any clean out plugs you may have installed in the line. Most professional plumbers will even have small video cameras that can be placed in the drain to reveal blockages. That way, the problem can be pinpointed without wrecking your entire yard.
Once the problem is diagnosed however, there may still be some digging involved. If there is a major break in your sewer line the only way to fix it is going to involve digging the line up and replacing the broken section. However, if your blockage is only partial or your line is only cracked there are alternatives to digging. Most plumbers have some type of power rodding equipment.
This equipment is useful for removing sludge buildup or root systems that have invaded your sewer line. It consists of a head used for cutting and clearing, attached to a flexible steel rod or line. This rod or line is then attached to a turning mechanism sometimes powered by a gas or electric engine. This turns the head through the rod thus clearing out the blockage.
If your sewer line is cracked there are even alternatives to recoat the inside of your pipe with dry-in-place epoxies. These and other materials effectively reline your pipe and seal up any cracks without having to Single Handle Kitchen Faucet Not Working dig the entire line up. There are numerous methods to fix a sewer line and calling a professional plumber will be the first step in diagnosing your problem and getting it fixed with as little hassle as possible.

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