Call a Handyman, Not a High Priced Contractor For Repairs – Your Wallet Will Thank You

When a situation arises with a leaky faucet or defective water heater, most home owners call a plumber. When a home owner wishes to add a ceiling fan, an electrician can be called. If the dry wall becomes damaged and has simply a Multiple Sinks Clogged hole in the wall, many individuals do not know who to call. While some jobs are large enough which requires a call to a master plumber, electrician, or carpenter; at a minimum charge of $70 just to show up is exceptionally steep.
That $70 dollars is just so the service repair man can start their vehicle and make an appearance. Then the home owner needs to tack on the hourly labor charge and most plumbing companies and electrician will not prorate the length of time a job takes. What this means is if the job requested takes one hour and 15 minutes, the home owner is getting charged for two hours. Do not forget the added cost of materials which the repair man will sneak in. Regardless of whether the repair man prorates or not, the customer can count on a minimum bill of at least $150.
A little secret is that the home owner usually does not require the services of a full fledged plumbing company, electrician, or carpenter. A handyman company will suffice for most needed tasks of a person’s home. A competent How To Fix A Broken Water Pipe Outside handyman will have the skills and knowledge to affect almost any repair a home owner can throw at them. Why then should a handyman be called instead of a plumbing company or electrician? The answer is to save a ton of money.
It is no secret that the recession has adversely affected most families. The baby boomer generation is usually on a tight fixed income, as well. Most individuals simply can not afford large repair bills. Handyman repair professional charge almost half of what any of the big boys charge, usually with the same results.
Some of the larger jobs may be too large a scope for a handyman, but that is why a free estimate and consultation should always be provided. Most handyman repair professionals will not touch a job involving the structural integrity of a building or attempt a major electrical repair due to liability. The risk is too high and safety should always be paramount.
So the next time a home repair is needed or even something as simple as hanging holiday lights or lawn work, call your local handyman. Ask questions during the consultation and estimate. If the answers are good and the handyman is confident, the customer can rest easy knowing a lot of money has been saved.

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