Bathroom Plumbing Tips – Add Relaxation and Comfort to a Home

Bathrooms can be very comforting places of relaxation and stress relief. Of course, that certainly will not be the case if you have plumbing Is Homeserve Worth It issues in your bathroom. Here are a few tips to keep your bathroom that peaceful, relaxing sanctuary and those warm bubble baths flowing!

To ensure your shower and bathtub lines flow efficiently, run the hot water about once a week. If you have a small clog, use a snake or plumbing liquid to free it as soon as possible. The bigger the clog, the harder to get out. To reduce the chance of a clog in the tub or shower, install simple strainers that are meant to catch hair and other pipe-clogging debris. Clean the strainers often.

If you notice a leaky faucet, repair it immediately. If not repaired in a timely manner, it can cause a great deal of damage to fixtures, faucets, and the surrounding area (water damage to floors and cabinets).

A simple way to get rid of those ugly mineral deposits on shower heads is by placing vinegar in a bag and securing it over the shower head with a tie. Let it sit for a few hours or overnight and simply wipe away the deposits with a cloth. You could also remove the shower head and place it in a bowl of vinegar if you prefer.

To keep your tub sparkling clean and ready for the next hot bubble bath, be sure to clean it at least once a week. This will also prevent mineral deposits and soap scum from building up which is unsightly, slippery, and much more difficult to clean once built-up.

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Though obvious, never use your toilet as a trash dispenser. Doing so can cause serious Plumbing Labs clogs that are sometimes impossible to get out without the help of a professional.

These few tips will be sure to keep your bathroom that sanctuary you want it to be. Of course, there are other steps you can take to keep everything in working order, but this small overview is a great start.