Bathroom Designs Have Gone From Stark to Stupendous

Remember growing up in a home with one bathroom, two if you were lucky? More than likely the second one was in the basement because small floor plans used to be the norm. The tub would be squeezed onto the feature wall with not an inch to spare and the sink and toilet were next to each other with barely enough space to find the toilet paper roll on the side of the single cabinet. The medicine cabinet was usually the only mirror in the room and they were pretty small.
Welcome to 2010. With some bathrooms now bigger than some nurseries with floor space galore one wonders what builders were thinking back then. Floor plans now Boiler And Radiator Maintenance expand to accommodate every families individual needs. Elegant and luxurious bathroom suites have become an integrated part of a person’s design personality.
Just like furniture styles, the choices of cabinetry styles range from traditional to contemporary. There is even receded cabinetry for handicapped home owners to allow furniture and bathroom cabinetry to match. When remodeling choose the number of cabinets desired to fit comfortably into the space allotted in relation to available floor space. Cabinets come in a range of high quality building materials with plentiful colors and hues to fit a homeowners personality, and life style.
Wall mounted mirrors are available with wood borders that match your cabinet choice perfectly. This is for those folks who did not choose a vanity with a built in mirror. The result is a beautiful, customized bathroom that you will be able to use for decades. Real estate agents and designers alike know the wisest remodeling investment a person can make is the bathroom. Bathrooms and kitchens sell houses.
If you are considering remodeling or contemplating building a new home, do not settle for average or run of the mill. Enhance your home’s overall beauty with a luxurious bathroom retreat. The initial investment will pay off in many ways. You’ll reap the highest re-sale dollar possible, spend way less time on the market, plus enjoy the luxury of having the bathroom to use yourself until it is time to sell.
Just like building designs vary in construction materials, design and style, plumbing contractors offer a wide range of fixture designs that range from traditional and elegant, to contemporary and functional. Matching sink, shower Plumbing Materials And Their Uses Pdf and bath tub fixtures are available in silver, gold and bronze. Color and design choices are as varied as the people who choose them. When they are installed they will enhance the overall beauty of a sensational bathroom design.

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