Article Marketing in the Information Age

In today’s society, information is at your fingertips. You could be out with friends having dinner, and you start discussing how wonderful the food is, and someone in your party asks where you found out about this restaurant. You pick up your smart phone, Google the restaurant, and show your friends the article you read about sumptuous food, and the ambiance. This is a classic example of article marketing. Article marketing is very beneficial, especially in today’s economy. It not only benefits the consumer, but it also benefits businesses, and the press outlets who publish the articles about the businesses.
In today’s struggling economy, newspapers, magazines, and publications are very much effected by the economic downturn. If the average consumer is cutting back, then the first thing that usually falls by the wayside are extravagances like ones subscription to a gardening magazine. However, with the popularity of search engines like Google, and the availability of the Internet, publications can stay afloat with article marketing. A press outlet will publish an article on-line, using specified keywords, contact information for the business in question, and a useful article detailing perhaps how to keep your pipes from bursting during the winter for a plumbing company. Most generally, if the article is good, the plumbing company will see an increase in consumer traffic, and press outlet will receive more hits, increasing their popularity and visibility online, making them more appealing to advertisers looking to buy space.
To the business owner, advertising can be a fine line to walk. Large corporations spend millions of dollars to get their name, services, and logo in the public eye. Small businesses, do not have the resources to advertise on such a large scale. Therefore, article marketing is the perfect Plumber Near Me Phone Number way to generate business without having an outrageous advertising budget. With the use of keywords and phrases, and search engine optimization, it is entirely possible that a website for a small business can go from three hundred hits a week to three thousand, relatively inexpensively.
The main beneficiary to article marketing is, perhaps, the consumer. Never before has there been information so readily available, on such a large scale. Consumers have the ability to research goods and services thoroughly before purchasing anything from a house to pizza delivery. When a consumer Googles a product or service, they are far more likely to click on the first Monthly Plumbing Maintenance thing that comes up for convenience sake. If that website happens to be a recognized press outlet, the consumer will be far more likely to read the article because it is something they are familiar with. The more informative and helpful the article is, the more comfortable the consumer will feel, and they can leave the article able to make an informed decision.
Article marketing is an excellent resource in today’s economy. It benefits small businesses, press outlets, and most especially the consumer. The consumer gains knowledge, the business gets exposure, and the press outlet gets more traffic. Everybody wins! Think about that, the next time you Bing or Google a product or service.

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