Annual Gutter Cleanup

Roofing specialists recommend cleaning your gutters at least once a year as part of preventative maintenance in all buildings. The whole point of having a gutter rather than just let water run off a roof is to keep landscaping neat instead of letting hard water droplets make a mess right outside of your windows. Unfortunately, those can get clogged with leaves, bird waste, and things like acorns and other debris.
This can accumulate water in your gutters, which soon may lead to the mounting breaking off of the building that it’s attached to. Untreated, the issue can escalate into seeds growing through (just imagine plants growing out of your gutter), rusting problems, as well as unpleasant smell from mildew and bacteria. This can make your rain run-off look like a friendly place for insects, squirrels, and even 8 Inch Pvc Pipe birds, which are notoriously known for building nests inside of gutters and just overall being noisy neighbors. Cleaning your gutters can be a nasty task, but it will leave your roof functioning as it should – with proper rain water disposal at your hands. A gutter cleaning service can sling you a $150+ bill for something you can do yourself. It’s time to put on some gloves and get your ladder out.
There are two techniques mainly used by professional gutter cleaning services which will be addressed. The first technique implies manually taking debris from the gutter and disposing of it. A gardening scoop can help you do this efficiently. Start at one of the holes for water to pour out of, and move down the drain, collecting dead leaves and other dirt from the gutter. Grab handfuls, and throw them in a garbage bag for Plumber Work Hours later disposal. A plumber’s auger can be used to pick clogs out of disposal drains leading to the ground. The second technique requires a hosing of the gutters. This is often combined with the first method for an extra clean touch, because any loose debris that wasn’t scooped gets washed away. Because this can be a dirty job, try not to get the siding dirty; also avoid splashing on the windows directly under the gutter.
If your building is located directly under a tree, cleaning your gutters might be necessary twice a year instead of just once. As a precaution, remember to never climb your roof or use a ladder in icy conditions, as slipping and falling could place you in a wheelchair. Safety first!

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