Advantages and Disadvantages of Geothermal Heating Systems

In an era, where “reducing carbon footprint” and “green energy resources” are the buzz words, geothermal energy presents a sustainable option as a heating energy source at your home. Because of the rising costs of both electricity and oil, property owners the world over are exploring newer choices for heating their homes.
The word geothermal has its origins in the Greek root words “geo” and “thermal”, meaning “earth” and “heat” respectively. In effect it refers to heat extracted from the earth. Geothermal energy uses the natural heat deep within the earth by either utilizing a pump that transfers that heat or taking advantage of an existing geothermal hot spot by constructing the property over it. In either case, it is easier for this system to be adapted and built into houses in the construction phase, than incorporate it in an already existing property.
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• A green alternative. This energy is an abundant nonpolluting resource, and its harmful effects are thought to be minimal at best.
• Reliability in the long run. It is an energy source that will Wall Mount Tub Faucets Canada not die out on you anywhere in the near future unlike fossil fuels.
• Saves money. This energy subsidizes heating bills, reducing them by about 70%.
• Compact heat pump. This means the pump can fit any basement, even those of smaller houses.
• Makes good economic sense, especially for large homes. Larger houses of over 3,000 square feet can run up extraordinarily high energy bills during winter. Geothermal power helps reduce power bills without an unusually large initial expenditure.
• A great option for a new home. Such a system is very easy to put in if the property is in the construction phase and will pay back the initial investment manifold over the years. It is usually a more difficult and expensive proposition to install it into an existing home.
• It boosts intrinsic property value. The feature of a built in geothermal energy system adds value to the home and makes it stand apart from the rest.
• Initial investment is high. This may mean that the property owner constructing a home on a budget may not be in a position financially to invest in a geothermal energy system.
• The location is all important. The house must have a geothermal hot spot nearby.
• Type of rock. Not only is location an important prerequisite, but the rocks also have to be of a suitable type to be drilled.
• Not always “Old Faithful”. Very often geothermal activity can take a break after being constant in producing energy for several years.
• You cannot transfer this energy over long distances. While we can haul fuels like coal, petroleum and natural gas from the source to the user many miles away, this is not an option with geothermal energy.
• The hazard of geothermal gases. Tapping into this energy may cause the release of potentially harmful chemicals and gases like hydrogen sulfide.
Despite a few disadvantages, geothermal energy can save you a considerable amount on your heating bills – which alone is a good enough reason to consider it.

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